Where does the time go?

Four months ago I re-retired.  I am enjoying the time, and feel that I have a better handle on this life phase today than when I retired the first time for six months in 2012.

My primary goal is to have a happy, no-regrets retirement.  I am really committed to that goal.  I hope to have at least 15-20 happy, healthy years ahead of me.  With a timeframe on my mind, it seems natural to look back over my life.

How can it be that I started college 46 years ago, that I got my first graduate degree 39 years ago, and my last nearly 24 years ago?

How can it be that I learned to quilt 33 years ago, and had my first quilt book published 20 years ago and the second 18  years ago?

How can it be that my life has already been long enough to include three significant non-profit career paths with 10 different professional position  – as librarian, teacher, museum professional, and administrator – in eight cities located in five different states?

How can it be that my mother has been gone for nearly 29 years, and my father 13 years last month?

Time passes so quickly, so this is my new thing:  At the end of every day I will take a minute to think deliberately about what I enjoyed about the day, and I will more consciously remember the moment.