Winter…not so much!

I was born and raised in Minnesota and spent more than half of my life there.  You would think I would be OK with winter, since  I have experienced a lot of it.  The reality is that I really, really, really dislike cold, wind, snow, and ice.

I don’t like to be cold.  I don’t like to be house bound because I don’t want to go out in the cold or drive in snow or ice.  I don’t like worrying about the power going out in 50 mile an hour winds.  I don’t like worrying about my 24 year old electric furnace, even though the HVAC guys say it’s in good shape.

I think of myself as a generally positive person.  But winter does not bring out the best in me.  This winter really hasn’t been too bad, except for several 7-10 day stretches of really cold (for Nebraska) temperatures.  The forecast if for three inches of snow tonight and highs in the single digits on Sunday.  Thankfully, after this last blast of winter, spring is supposed to come.  I couldn’t be more grateful.